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NEW Lunch Special!! 

Available Monday through Thursday from 11-2. Choose from two of the following for only $6.95:


  • Monday: Hearty Beef Stew w/2 King's Hawaiian rolls

  • Tuesday: Tater Tot Hot dish w/vegetable

  • Wednesday: BBQ Pork Rib Tips w/mashed potatoes, gravy, and vegetable

  • Thursday: Homemade Goulash w/2 King's Hawaiian rolls

Dinner Specials

 Served with choice of kettle chips for French Fries, Monday through Thursday from 5-7 for only $6.95:

  • Monday: Bacon cheeseburger 

  • Tuesday: Cheeseburger

  • Wednesday: Sasquatch Burger

  • Thursday: Hamburger 

Hot Beef Commercial

Enjoy MT's Hot Beef Commercial year-round! Tender roast beef is served on bread with mashed potatoes and smothered with gravy. Includes a vegetable on the side.

Only available on Fridays

Full order - $10.50  Half order - $6.95

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